Thursday, May 7, 2009

Acid King - 1995 - Zoroaster

What's sweet about this is not only does this band provide some of the heaviest, bluesy psychedelic metal around, but the lead singer and guitarist is hard-rocking, motorcycling, bad ass chick. She's got a voice that every wannabe metal band wants to have but doesn't because they suck and she doesn't. Great songs here with some really infectious riffs. A new find on my part and I'm thoroughly impressed. It's great stuff to rock out in the kitchen with--I love strumming away on my air-spatula, adding that doom-laden, riffy marijuana love to all my most recent kitchen experiments.

download: Acid King - 1995 -

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alec Empire/Panacea - Hetzjagd Auf Nazis Remix (1997)

Years ago, in a magical and far off land known as Germany, there lived a peaceful and tolerant race of people known as the Germans. This country was renowned throughout the world for the preternatural tolerance and patience of the population, and the almost negligent manner in which social and political life was conducted. Surely, they were an example to us all. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED. But if you cut a German, do they not bleed red? How, for so many hundreds of years, have they suppressed the all too human urge to run amok all over Europe in a bloody rampage predicated on the whim of a weak chinned mad-man and his neo-pagan delusions?

Well, in a communal act of self-restraint fit for the gods themselves, they turned inward to a life of culture and refinement, occasionally deigning to release upon the violent masses of humanity teeming at their border a small taste of the years of pent up rage and aggression...IN MUSICAL FORM! Yes, that is why we have Rammstein. And David Hasselhoff. And Nena. AND, most importantly of all, that is why two ridiculous German men, self-styled respectively as Alec Empire and Panacea, exist to offer up two of the breakcoriest Rammstein remixes that ever did exist. If you know anything about these two then I really need to say no more, but suffice to say that Alec Empire is the man who turned yelling nauseatingly sincere left-wing rants over distorted amens from something that I did in High School when I was alone in my basement into something of an art form, and has some sort of inborn ability to make the simplest thing fucking hardcore. And Panacea...what to say about Panacea...maybe just take a look at the picture on his wikipedia page...I think that just about sums him up nicely.

I guess I haven't really said anything about the music itself, but fuck if it isn't any more than a product of its place, time, and creators. Man, its just straight-up by the numbers breakcore done really really well, but it has that little extra something...that germanness that just puts it over the edge of heaviness. It's like taking a shit on a nun; just so fucking German.

first track
second track

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Genghis Tron - 2003 - Laser Bitch [Demo]

Genghis Tron's first ever release. Includes two tracks from the Cloak of Love EP and an otherwise unreleased track ("'Penultimate' Just Means Second to Last, You Pretentious Fuck"). More great stuff from an awesome band. Schizo and crazy and fun as hell, your parent would be disturbed and will try and send you to an insane asylum if they hear you listening to this. :)

Genghis Tron - 2003 - Laser Bitch [Demo]

Droon - 2007 - Cripplefight Remixes

Hilarious breakcore stuff here. A great track based around a South Park sample with great techno melodies, and the standard (but great) chopped-up breaky goodness typical of the genre. To make it even better, three of the genres best DJs have provided their remixes of the song (Shitmat, Ladyscraper, and Duran Duran Duran) and the shitshow just gets shittier (shitty meaning good--get with the times, will ya?). Not much more to say.

Droon - 2007 - Cripplefight Remixes

Goatsnake / Burning Witch - 2000 - Split

Awesome awesome awesome. Burning Witch's tracks are particularly incredible. The shrieks of the vocals are so brutal, so fucked up. Both of these bands are made up of Sunn O)))'s founding members so you know you can't get much better than this. Really crazy dissonant, horrifying soundscapes to make you feel nothing but that incessant sense of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!! Again, I'm really impressed by Burning Witch, they really go all out.

Goatsnake / Burning Witch - 2000 - Split