Monday, August 24, 2009

Type O Negative - 2009 - Slow, Deep and Hard (Remastered)

Every time I consider retiring Type O as my favorite band, they somehow always manage to re-emerge in my life and put me back in my place. Case in point, this summer, with my faith wavering, I picked up the reissue of Type O's debut, "Slow, Deep and Hard," and was summarily floored by it. This is, without a doubt, one of the heaviest CDs I have ever heard, both musically and lyrically. Old school crossover thrash riffs blend seamlessly into and out of dirges the likes of which aren't heard this side of the grave. The lyrics relate one man's descent into depression and violence and are pretty chilling. This CD is completely unlike their later works, but is nonetheless a superb album. Best. Band. Ever.

*Ive never heard the original, so I dont know how the sound quality compares. Also, Ive left the bonus track "Hey Pete" off because it adds nothing to the album