Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Bad Plus - 2004 - Give

Since this blog tends to lean toward the harsher music varieties, it may seem odd to see a jazz post. But fuck it, the Bad Plus rock harder than half the "rock" bands out there. One need look no further than "Dirty Blonde" to see just how much energy this trio brings. The cover of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" equals, if not, dare I say, exceeds the heaviness of the original. This is not just about rocking, however, as the Bad Plus perfectly conjure that smoky lounge atmosphere on tracks like "1979 Semi-Finalist" and "Neptune (The Planet)." If youre wary of jazz as being a pretentious, pseudo-intellectual music form, or if youve just never listened to jazz in the first place, I highly recommend you check out this album. Its a gateway drug.


Monday, June 8, 2009

We're 6 Months Old!

Okay so I know there hasn't been much activity on the blog in the last weeks (I would like to blame it entirely on my contributors, but I haven't been doing jack shit either and have mad free time to kill, I should get back on this)....BUT! We turn 6 months old today!! Yay!

That means that we've been in the back of your minds, popping up in your Google Readers, sitting in your Temporary Internet Files folder, and (hopefully) making our way into your music libraries for SIX WHOLE MONTHS! Yay!

Thank you all, keep it strong. Long live the punx. Love the love.

So on that note, I leave you with a single parting word: