Saturday, January 31, 2009

Boards of Canada - 2005 - The Campfire Headphase

These guys really know what they're doing. They do this great mix of ambient noise and swirling sounds with minimal techno and danceable grooves while staying fresh and weird and fun. This isn't really their best effort, but it's strong and fun and has some really solid tracks. "Dayvan Cowboy" is especially awesome--it builds up really well and is approached in a slightly different manner than most of their other songs, built around a couple of slowed-down, atmospheric guitar riffs. That and '84 Pontiac Dream are my favorite tracks from the album.

download: Boards of Canada - 2005 - The Campfire Headphase [Part 1].zip
download: Boards of Canada - 2005 - The Campfire Headphase [Part 2].zip

snares (Venetian Snares) - 2007 - Sabbath Dubs [EP]

OMG! This shit is sick. It doesn't really matter what you're into, this shit is awesome. Really slowed-down and dubby with some really nice effects. Really spacey and trippy. Great stuff.

download: snares - 2007 - Sabbath Dubs [EP].zip

Nirvana - 1992 - Hormoaning [EP]

Not too much to say here. Some decent Nirvana stuff here including a nice version of Aneurysm (not the same as on Incesticide) and one of Molly's Lips.

download: Nirvana - 1992 - Hormoaning [EP].zip

Alice in Chains - 1990 - Facelift

download: Alice in Chains - 1990 -

Alice in Chains - 1990 - Jar of Flies [EP]

download: Alice in Chains - 1990 - Jar of Flies [EP].zip

Alice in Chains - 1992 - Dirt

download: Alice in Chains - 1992 -

Monday, January 26, 2009

Best of '08

No I'm not doing just one single list, but two. The first is a "Best of new music from 2008" and the second is a "Best of what I actually listened to in 2008" which I think is a rather more interesting list. These will be coming in the next few days. Check back soon.

Temple of the Dog - 1991 - Temple of the Dog

This album is a gem. A supergroup that actually made some great music (even if they only made one album). Hunger Strike and Say Hello 2 Heaven are probably my favs. I dunno what makes this album great, but it really is. I think a big part of this album's success is the fact that all the musicians got together not to create the "next Pearl Jam album" or the "next Soundgarden album"; they got together to create some music in honor of their mutual friend Andrew Wood, lead singer of Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone, who had died earlier that year of a heroin overdose. It's a grunge classic.
download: Temple of the Dog - 1991 - Temple of the

Alice in Chains - 1995 - Alice in Chains

download: Alice in Chains - 1995 - Alice in

Fecal Matter Demo

So here's a demo by Kurt Cobain's first band, Fecal Matter. Some really raw punk with some crazy, psychotic vocals by Cobain. Really great for any Nirvana-head, but limited appeal for most others (unless you really like weird, heady, bizarre-o hardcore punk.

download: Fecal Matter

Rosetta - 2005 - The Galilean Satellites

Okay this is the best (or at least the most promising) new band I've found in a little while. They do this awesome, trippy space-metal tinged with sludge, ambient, noise, industrial--there's really no good description of it. But it's freaking sweet. The lyrics are ridiculously hard to decipher but they're really cool (there's this plot about an astronaut going to space and doing all this crazy stuff--haven't really delved too much into the lyrics). Another cool thing about this album is that the first disc is the main music while the second disc has 5 songs of equal length to those on the first disc and are meant to accompany the first disc with extra sound effects, spoken word and other ambient samples.

What really gets me are the elaborate and precisely timed drumlines, the beauty of the slowed-down, almost ethereal chords and the Sunn O)))-esque ambient interludes and background effects. The combined effect is an amazing, soap-operatic masterpiece. I'm not sure if it's because I've listened to this album too much or whether I think the second album is actually better, but the second album (Wake/Lift) is a much more polished, well crafted effort. Galilean Satellites is a bit scattered and a bit repetitive, but then again, that's kinda the desired effect. Plus it's beautiful, so it doesn't really matter.

download: Rosetta - 2005 - The Galilean Satellites [Disc 1].zip
download: Rosetta - 2005 - The Galilean Satellites [Disc 2].zip

Boris - 2003 - Akuma no Uta

Fucking ridiculous stoner metal. Starts off weird and doomy, then gets all stonery, with nice, heavy, bluesy riffs that carry you away. Really reminds me of a lot of groundwork for stoner metal Black Sabbath established in the late '60s, early '70s.

download: Boris - 2003 - Akuma no

Agnostic Front - 1986 - Cause for Alarm

Fucking sweet crossover punk/thrash from NYC. Short and sweet.

download: Agnostic Front - 1986 - Cause for

Gang of Four - 1982 - Songs of the Free

A great album that really uses a lot of sounds that would go on to describe a large swath of alternative rock and indie rock bands for the next few decades. A real precursor to much of the garage rock bands of the late '90s and early 2000s. Really great punk rock sound that pushes the punk borders into new territory with goofy, mocking lyrics ("I love a man in a uniform," sung in a silly, swoony, almost disco-y way). Every time a song from this album would come on shuffle, I had to stop and check out what it was. Really awesome stuff.

One thing I really like about the band is how they embrace a lot of different styles or concepts not necessarily native to punk (funk, blues, dub, minimalism) and apply them to a very specific form of punk rock. They can get abrasive, but never hardcore, usually sticking to more dancy, yet biting abstract-pop-punk riffs. They love using female back-up singers which adds both idiomatic stylistic flavor and ironic juxtaposition with their lyrics and underlying punk sounds.

download: Gang of Four - 1982 - Songs of the

Monday, January 19, 2009

Agent Orange - 1986 - Secret Agent Man [EP]

Some more great surf-punk from the Cali hardcore gods.

download: Agent Orange - 1986 - Secret Agent Man [EP].zip

Agent Orange - 1982 - Bitchin' Summer [EP]

Four great tracks from the CD reissue of their first album, Living in Darkness that all showcase the band's hardcore meets surf-punk style. This is some classic shit, man. My favorite is a great rendition of the epic surf-rock anthem, "Miserlou," by Dick Dale. Really great stuff. Miserlou is something those not attuned to punk would like; it's just been ingrained so deeply into the American consciousness that anyone can get into it.

download: Agent Orange - 1982 - Bitchin' Summer [EP].zip

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Radiohead - 1997 - OK Computer

I know, I know, everyone has this album. But why shouldn't I put it up? It's just so good. It's breadth of content and audio-lyrical themes is so vast and the combined effect of the entire album is so powerful, expressive and ultimately truly beautiful. Though not my favorite of Radiohead albums (and I really could talk about Radiohead for a while if I wanted), it's probably their masterpiece (though In Rainbows gives it quite the run for its money) in terms of cohesion, accessibility and progression.

download: Radiohead - 1997 - OK

YMCK - 2004 - Family Racing

A really cute, goofy Japanese chiptune/pop album. The whole thing sounds like a nintendo game. If you're familiar with the Katamari Damacy games, then I think I it sounds like the music from those games. Track 3 is particularly great. It's really good and just incredibly cute.

download: YMCK - 2001 - Family

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beatles - 1967 - Magical Mystery Tour

A crazy, wacky album and my favorite Beatles album. Right in line with their musical trajectory after Revolver in 1966 and Sgt. Pepper's earlier in '67. (Hey, NPR is playing the Beatles as I write this.) This album really is like a circus and no matter what they had in mind, it really made huge leaps and bounds for psychedelic rock and noise music as the Beatles throw everything they've got into the album from traditional "musical" sounds to trippy, wacky noises and recorded sounds.

Even though it is one of their weirdest albums and is kind of a sleeper hit when compared to the likes of the white album, Help!, Abbey Road, etc., it is chock full of many of the bands most successful and endearing classics including "I Am the Walrus," "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Penny Lane," and "All You Need Is Love."

To summarize, a great album showing the Beatles' willingness to change and use all sorts of a weird and wacky sounds more than simply the sound-collage of "Revolution #9" in a truly psychedelic and musical manner.

download: The Beatles - 1967 - Magical Mystery

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunn O))) - 2005 - Black One

review to come

download: Sunn O))) - 2005 - Black

...And We're Back


I checked my mediafire account and suddenly it's all back to normal. Weird. Fret not, the cleansing power of metal/me being a jedi (haha) has restored balance to the world.

SOME SERIOUS ISSUES. Ever had a fart that smelled like weed?

Alright all you punksters and noiseheads, we're experiencing some technical difficulties. Somehow my mediafire account crapped out sometime between last night and this morning and I'm not sure why. Basically everything I uploaded is gone and I'm scared. But stay vigilant! We will prevail! The power of the HHH (OMG! SO MUCH H!).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So this is for my glorious brothers and sisters of doom, death and all things hardcore, with a bit of blood and mosh thrown in:

All Vassar kids who love all things heavy and obnoxious (you know who you are), check them out. They're doing their darndest to bring the best punk, metal and generally crazy-ass bands they can to Vassar campus. Spread the word and love the love.

ps, kill cops. ;)

Punk Mix 2, part 2

Here's the second part of the first punk mix.

Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Angry Samoans - Inside My Brain
Blood Circus - The Outback
INDK - Moonwalk Mafia
Bad Religion - No Control
Agent Orange - Secret Agent Man
Agression - Grind Kings
Dead Kennedys - Take This Job And Shove It
Dead Boys - Caught With The Meat In Your Mouth
Gang Green - Another Wasted Night
Dayglo Abortions - Ronald McRaygun
Genghis Tron - Laser Bitch (exfoliating gel scrub remix)
MDC - Corporate Death Burger
Circle Jerks - World Up My Ass

Punk Mix 1, part 1

So here are some prime cuts of punk, crossover, crust, and the like (even one sweet screamo song). Part 2 is coming as soon as I can (hopefully later tonight)

Black Flag - Drinking and Driving
Amebix - Axeman
Balboa - Kaddish
Electro Hippies - Satanic Warmonger of the Abyss
Buzzcocks - Sixteen
Cro-Mags - Eyes of Tomorrow
Discharge - Protest and Survive
Bikini Kill - Suck My Left One
The Stooges - Little Doll
Choking Victim - Choking Victim
Minutemen - #1 Hit Song
The Misfits - Last Caress
Black Flag - Six Pack
Leftöver Crack - Born to Die
Buzzcocks - Just Lust
Gang of Four - I Love A Man In Uniform
Aus-Rotten - Fuck Nazi Sympathy
The Germs - Communist Eyes
Apartment 213 - Endless Killing

Monday, January 12, 2009

Album vomit

Black Flag - 1984 - Slip It In

Black Flag's first album that really demonstrates its shift towards punk/metal crossover. The title song is awesome and the second half gets really experimental and sludgy.

download: Black Flag - 1984 - Slip It

Dead Boys - 1977 - Young Loud and Snotty

A great oldies punk album from New York City's heyday.

download: Dead Boys - 1977 - Young Loud and

Jane's Addiction - 1988 - Nothing's Shocking

The best Jane's Addiction album. 'Nuff said.

download: Jane's Addiction - 1988 - Nothing's Shocking

Leftöver Crack - 2001 - Mediocre Generica

Super fucking hardcore. Lots of screaming, anti-globalization themes, and some really awesome riffs. Plus some hilariously irreverent classical interludes. Great crusty ska-punk. Highly highly highly recommended. Get ready to fucking kill some cops.

download: Leftöver Crack - 2001 - Mediocre

Metallica - 1987 - The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited

Haven't actually listened to this yet, but it's some rare Metallica shit if you're interested. It's all covers of old metal songs.

download: Metallica - 1987 - The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days

Black Flag - 1985 - The Process of Weeding Out [EP]

A crazy EP, basically created with a general intention of stretching the notions of what could and couldn't be considered hardcore punk. Before I go any further I should mention that the entire thing is instrumental so if that turns anyone off, this is your moment to run in fear (but seriously, Henry Rollins doesn't make a single appearance). For those who are still with us, check it out. It's wierder than a lot of Black Flag's other stuff, but it's a good listen. Greg Ginn's guitar is crazy as ever, harmolodic as always. I think it's cool because they clearly know they're pushing past true "hardcore punk" into new territory. One could seriously argue whether or not this is proto-post-hardcore or some other ridiculous term for hours, but I'm not gonna get into that (although I will admit I'm generally a huge proponent of genre categorization and whatnot, here it's just not important). It's Black Flag. It's a significant departure, but it's still Black Flag and it's very listenable.

download: Black Flag - 1985 - The Process of Weeding Out [EP].zip

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pink Floyd - 1970 - Meddle

My favorite Pink Floyd album. A really spacey, wacky album yet very groovy and fun. Has a nice warpy feel to it.

An incredible album that combines a lot of different elements from noise to rock and roll, weird ambient interludes and typical Pink Floydian sampling. The first half of the album serves as a primer for the epic second half and is incredibly absorbing. It opens with the driving, nearly psychotic bass line of “One of These Days,” firmly establishing a number of the core aspects of the album: its wackiness and psychological depth, its predominant rock undertones and a significant step away from much of the earlier material that had been alluded to in Atom Heart Mother (over the orchestral and operatic nature of much of their work to come and the crazy psychedelia of their first two albums). Unlike Dark Side of the Moon, this album is heavily based on its two sides as distinct entities, the first side mostly being a collection of shorter songs and the second side dedicated entirely to the mammoth “Echoes,” a 23-minute epic chock full of Beatles’ lyric references (“inviting and inciting me”; “across the sky…..”; a submarine is referenced in the first stanza. The lyrics are vaguely evocative of much of the Beatles’ trippiest songs, “Across the Universe,” “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” “Yellow Submarine”) and built around a single ‘ping’ heard consistently throughout the song.

In many ways the album is a lovely exercise in duality, with each half presenting a slightly different, yet equally crucial role in establishing the tenor of the album. The first side houses a more complex set of themes, styles and sonic vocabulary but only because the second side is simply a single massive song, though it effectively combines many of these original themes from the first side and expands upon them. In a way, the first side acts as an album-in-mini in which the band explores new ground, showing off its developing stylistic upheaval from a spacey, brilliant but rather untethered psychedelic rock band into a firmly rooted progressive rock band. That said, the band’s flair for the goofy (the sweeping guitar flanges of “San Tropez”), offbeat (the recording of the crowd in “Fearless”) and scary (the psychosis of the ‘protagonist’ of “One of These Days”) never subsides. I find that the first half really seems like a cohesive larger piece, where the listener (or maybe it’s just me) hears the songs as eliding into one another to the extent that I often can’t tell the difference between them unless I give it a bit of thought. Similar ideas are explored in Dark Side of the Moon, though in that album each song is so drastically different from one another and its really the borders of the songs that crossover and fade into one another rather than the general textural guidelines.

In Meddle, the songs aren’t really connected or linked thematically, but each one is generally built around similar underlying principles: lots of repetitive guitar work; a slowly developing and unfolding structure; an exploration of minimal AND orchestral rock arrangements; noise sampling and ambient loops. Though the sounds are vastly different, the songs are vaguely reminiscent of one another and work quite well hand-in-hand. It shows the band exploring a lot of new material and really establishing itself as a progressive rock band. What’s more, a lot of the sonic images and themes touched on in the first half reemerge and evolve within the second half. It’s almost like the band is showcasing its newest achievements in the first half in order to highlight how they can best be implemented in the second.

“Echoes” itself is ridiculous. Ridiculously long, ridiculously good, ridiculously prophetical (of both later Pink Floyd albums and future developments in progressive, experimental and largely instrumental rock). It’s also very simple (I mean it’s got a lot of complexities and intricacies, but the core is simple), built around a single “pinging” sound and the titular theme. It constantly seems to fade in and out, thematically departing, yet always “echoing” back. And in many ways it seems to be a echo of the first half of the album, yet in a more evolved (or, for lack of wanting to sound belittling of the first half, grandiose). “Echoes” itself is a masterpiece of complex instrumentation and one of Pink Floyd’s most ambitious pieces at any given period of their career. Like the first side it is heavily based on strange ambient loops and heavy repetition of almost every part. The whole album thus becomes an echo of itself on every level of structure, detail, texture and lyrical themes.

Basically if you’re going to have a Pink Floyd other than Dark Side of the Moon or The Wall (neither of which are even in my top three, I only mention them because EVERYONE has them), just fucking download it. Actually, go out and buy it. Always buy albums. Especially this one. It’s a masterpiece

Pink Floyd - 1971 -

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First real post! (DJ One Oscillator)

So here's an ill mashup of a bunch of nice shit, mixed and mastered by a good friend. Check it out:

DJ One Oscillator - 2009 - Break It Up


Carl Lewis – Break It Up

Digitalism – Apollo-Gize (Fred Falke Edit)

Digitalism – Magnets

Chris Joss – Get With It

Gorillaz – El Manana

Talking Heads – Life During Wartime

Miguel Toro – Cure (Oil of Mars vs. Samim Mix)

The Pixies – Hey (Diplos Devil Remix)

Britney Spears vs. Martin Solveig – I want circus (Matt Green Mashup Mix)

Radiohead – Exit Music (For a Film)

Phonique – Andres

My Morning Jacket – Wordless Chorus

Coldplay – Violet Hill (Cryptonites Remix)

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Greg Di Mano feat. Tommy Snyder – Gloria

Phonique – Cats n’Cars

Boys Noize – Deny Selected

Boys Noize - & down

Aphex Twin – Kesson Dalef

Terminal 11 – Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern

Ratatat – Shempi (Zongamin Remix)

Of Montreal – Id Engager

Lil’ Wayne – Lollipop (LAZRtag Remix)

Madison – Lollipop

Miley Cyrus – See You Again (Pauly Remix)

DJ Danny Diggz - A Milli-Pop (D-N-S Bass Mix) (Mixshow Edit)

We Couldn't Find Him, But We Found His Spoon.

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