Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Dillinger Escape Plan - 2004 - Miss Machine

Mathcore is an understandably love-it or hate-it genre. With its heavy use of complex time signatures and frequent harmonic freak outs, mathcore is not for everyone. With Miss Machine, however, the Dillinger Escape Plan have done the impossible: make a catchy, accessible mathcore album without eschewing the musical complexity or spazziness that the genre is known for. Far from "dumbing down" their sound, DEP have struck the perfect balance between technicality and accessibility. Mathy guitar noodling abounds everywhere, but never at the expense of memorable song writing. Awesome jazz interludes sit side by side with sing along choruses. Where prior DEP effort Calculating Infinity was lost among its own technicality and follow up effort Ire Works is just too damn poppy, Miss Machine is a fantastic assemblage of noise and hooks.


  1. but you gotta give props to calculating infinity for being the "game changer" that it was. tech metal, mathcore, whatever you want to call it; it all started with calculating infinity. i love miss machine, and i actually like ire works a whole lot to, but infinity easily gets my vote for best experimental metal record of all time.

  2. I remember when this came out I was all like Whoa, you can do this with sound. I saw them live also with all their smoke and lights and fire-breathing and theatrics. Kind of silly, but also kind of amazing.