Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pelican - 2003 - Australasia

At the intersection of doom metal and post-rock there is a throne, and upon that throne sits Pelican. Or maybe they built the throne. What is post-rock, anyway? Explosions in the Sky? Pelican are kind of like them, with the long, gradually developing songs that handle all sorts of dynamic changes. And the crushing, repetitive riffs are akin to doomers like Earth. But without question, Pelican are doing their own thing, which is becoming more and more common these days, as genre classifications slide into irrelevance.

Critical pontification aside, this is Australasia, and it’s heavy and monstrous and beautiful. No vocals, just down-tuned guitar and bass and ridonkulous drums, pummeling you into the motherfucking ground. The songs flow seamlessly, so I encourage listening from beginning to end. This may be emotionally taxing, but it will also be really rewarding and maybe even life affirming (dig Angel Tears). If Australasia turns you on, so will the rest of Pelican’s catalogue, which is really consistent from release to release.
- sfs

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