Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HORSE the Band - 2006 - Pizza [EP]

So this EP is just so silly I thought everyone should have a listen. Basically these guys got so obsessed with Lou Malnati's (yes friends, Lumelnatis...don't worry if you don't get this, only a handful of peeps will appreciate it) deep dish pizza in Chicago that they took time out of their schedule to write 5 songs about how awesome pizza is. I would tend to agree with fucking rules. But I've never had Lou Malnati's.

Anyway, it's not bad either. The keyboards are the most hilarious part as they really do sound like video game music. These guys invented the term "Nintendocore" which is basically a conflation of metalcore and video game music. They got the hooks, they got the jokes, they got the rage and they got the ill fucking keyboard. It's good shit. Check it, son!

plus, there's an ill cover of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can you go wrong?

download: HORSE the Band - 2006 - Pizza [EP].zip

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