Friday, March 13, 2009

Genghis Tron - 2006 - Dead Mountain Mouth

As per request (by my fellow contributor, but a request nonetheless), here's Genghis Tron's first full-length release. Great opening track, full of wack-tarded drum programming. Still kind of feels like one of their less-polished releases but it's slightly more evolved with songs like "From The Aisle" which show their move towards more structured songs, with varied stylistic and thematic elements. The build up to that song is particularly awesome with the dark, lyrical processional that suddenly cuts to silence. You think it's gonna come back super fast and crazy but when the guitars kick in, they're subdued and slow, pushing for a grinding, churning effect. Plus we even hear bits of guitar solos (something not entirely typical of the band) with some awesome screaming in the background. And then it fades out in absolutely beautiful fashion. The album art is sick--the little inverted crucifix on the ground in the foreground is kinda hilarious as it really doesn't fit the tenor of the band at all other than them being metal.

download: Genghis Tron - 2006 - Dead Mountain

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